Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'd like a large with pepperoni. It'll be ready an hour ago? Great! I already picked it up then.

It appears that scientists at Vanderbilt University have come to a surprising conclusion. It seems the Large Hadron Collider (you remember, the brand new big atom smasher that is supposed to kill us all, destroy the earth, and leave a nasty rash) may be capable of producing particles that can travel in time. This idea is not new to sci-fi. Final Theory: A Novel and The Accidental Time Machine are two books that use this very idea. This would, theoretically, make it possible to communicate though time.

The particles, known as Higgs singlets, are not stuck to our 4 dimensional slice of the universe, so they are free to take shortcuts through other dimensions. (Kind of like Memphis cab drivers) Since one of those dimensions is time, theoretical physicists Thomas Weiler and Chui Man hypothesize that generating the particles could result in singlets that show up before they are created. Read more here. I will keep you updated with information before it becomes available...

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